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  • Thanasis Karavasilis

    Thanasis Karavasilis

    Thanasis is a professional editor for geek culture companies and publications. He pretends he knows things.

  • Autumn Wright

    Autumn Wright

    Autumn Wright is an essayist and critic. They write about games, sex, and other things you love on the internet.

  • Bakostimea


  • Avantika Tewari

    Avantika Tewari

  • Kawika Guillermo

    Kawika Guillermo

    Kawika is the author of Transitive Cultures: Anglophone Literature of the Transpacific, and Stamped: an anti-travel novel.

  • Harry


    A (sometimes quixotic) writer sharing ideas at http://hounotes.com.

  • sunset over buildings

    sunset over buildings

    i don’t know what i’m doing

  • Tomás Grau de Pablos

    Tomás Grau de Pablos

    Jugador, Doctor y estudioso de los videojuegos/Player, Phd. and Video Game Scholar

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